Episode #216 Why Education Is Dangerous **Part 2** 8-Major Compartments Every Creative Real Estate Deal Needs!

By | August 31, 2020

In episode #215 we covered how the creative real estate business down into 8-compartments, and once you know there are only 8-things to learn. It takes all the stress out of mastering success with real estate investing and until now … this has not been done in this lucrative industry ever before. Episode #215 explained how the compartments work individually and with each other. Today we will cover each step in each compartment and how you will know you’ve done enough in each compartment. This will allow you to not get “stuck” with your training so you can actually have a chance to get some big checks without a long runway once you decide to be a creative real estate investor. Episode #215 and #216 could possibly be the two most important podcasts you could listen to in creative real estate investing and in a very chaotic world. You need all the help you can get to pull ahead of the herd! More to the point… no more over spending on education that is dangerous for you because it produces lack of results stress, and dissapointment. Let’s get going …

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