Episode #219: SWAT Tactics For Converting Supects Into …

By | September 21, 2020

SWAT: Means Suspects Want A Transaction and the most valuable but highest under-developed muscle for most investors is converting suspects into prospects the first 15-minutes of meeting the seller. Even worse, many creative investors think they have to be “salesy” or have years of experience to create and use this skill. When the truth be told … it could be the simplest part of your career to learn if you listen to this entire episode and hear the core basics that are now setting new effective standards in this often confused industry. So if you are looking for an “edge” to make more out of your leads to convert into massive profitable deals … sit back, sip your coffee – and take lots of notes. Because I am going to pull back the curtain and show you stuff the will make your mind “flip” more than ever. And this “advanced” talk will help Quantum Leap the “newbie” and the “Pro.” Only because I have never heard other real estate Gooo Rooo’s actually talk about it – never mind teach it. So get comfortable – here we go ….

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