Episode #231 Real Estate Rookie Therapy For Talking To Sellers Comfortably & Successfully!

By | December 14, 2020

Ever notice … the moment we really want something to work that we are not sure of, fear kicks in and takes over? Like if we’re about to commit to a relationship, for instance, that’s when the “heebie-jeebie’s” go hyper and kick-in and creating doubt and uncertainty. Our thoughts get scrambled and begin to do the “should I go ahead? shouldn’t I? Should I?” etc. This indecision alone adds to and manufactures total and utter confusion almost every time. Now you start to put up obstacles to try and protect yourself from the “dangerous-unkown”! This, BTW, is what every single seller goes through when you are walking threw your creative real estate offers proposed. And … if you don’t fully understand them yourself, it makes the conversation even more confusing and unproductive. In this one podcast you are going to learn how to combat this entire process so you and your seller can get right down to business so the correct things get done, and you make LOT more deals. More to the point: Making sellers and you feel more comfortable when saying “YES”!

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