Episode #232 Confidential & Top Secret Crackerjack Ways To Acquire More Creative Real Estate Deals Easily

By | December 21, 2020

NEWS-FLASH: You don’t need to have the best, or most, even the biggest resources and financial backing when acquiring, or (as Nelson Rockefeller says) “controlling” real estate. And you can do deals even when competing against more skilled investor’s, or marketing guys, and even negotiating PRO’s. All you need to do is devote oneself to the principles found in this remarkable podcast we are about to “unleash” on you, and you will instead realize how much you should focus on your natural harmony with sellers whether face-to-face, on the phones, Zoom calls, and any conversation you have with them. These easy to learn principles have been used successfully for centuries by some of the world’s best persuaders in many industries. Yet when you hear them you will soon notice how they fit into any normal conversation and are the furthest thing from “sale-talk” while you are qualifying each to make sure it’s best to move forward – or not! Then actually have the seller give you offers, so you don’t need a real estate investor degree to get lots of deals under your belt!

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