Episode #254 SLOT (Sandwich Lease Option Transfer) Transactions Fully Summarized!

By | May 24, 2021

Who wins the fight when getting real estate sellers to sign a purchase and sales contract, or a real estate option to buy agreement? In this single podcast you will see (clearly, in your own mind) why wholesaling is completely dead! Why option agreement are real estate entrepreneur’s best friend. Why you would do SLOT deals. And the major benefits it brings to the seller, the buyer, and to you … the entrepreneur! I know this is podcast #254, but really should be #1. The reason why is because this podcast is the first in a sequence of seven. I have just recently done a survey to find it is needed and wanted I do short summaries of each of our 7-strategies to acquire real estate creatively, without capital, risk, and a long Long LONG educational runway. In other words: a short-cut to success as a real estate entrepreneur. So lets say the next seven podcasts are going to be your “prerequisite” to making real estate investing work for you? Without all of the hard work and expense. More to the point … footnotes from my 20-years experience and hundreds of deal transactions!

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