Episode #256 The Golden Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs In Creative Real Estate – Lease Options – Summarized!

By | June 7, 2021

So many folks have the dream to replace their current income with real estate, if only to take their life back. Possibly spend more precious moments with family, charities, even loved hobbies. They get introduced to others who have used this safe and high returning asset called real estate. Then decide this is perfect for the type of life-style they dream of. Then, “jump-In,” to only get wicked confused on which strategy best fits their resources, time, education, and most of all passion. This, often, single confusion sends most into a “tail-spin” and ends up without results. Causing upset within their own minds, and not to mention those around the person trying to hit this goal of constant reliable income with few set-backs. Fret no-more! This easy to absorb, healthy information podcast will be the exact compass to get you out of the deep dark forest. Listen up while Bill & Pete share their knowledge and stories on using Lease-Options to set you free once and for all, without capital, risk, and/or a Yale or Harvard 6-year degree. Lets “dig-in” right now …

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