Episode #260 A Pro’s Secrets On Creative Real Estate Deal Hunting Gargantuan Deals!

By | July 5, 2021

So why do some Real Estate Entrepreneurs do so well, and others really struggle? Better yet … how do you fit your real estate activities to fit your life, instead of changing your life to fit real estate into it? After all: isn’t one of the objectives for creative real estate income to have flexibility? Free time, debt paid, build retirement, help family, maybe even give to charity? But it seems so many work so hard, yet never fully hit this stage of freedom of life. Ever wonder why? More to the point … why is it such a secret to actually set this up? And get results you so desire; and have seen others do. What are you doing, or NOT doing, that you don’t have this freedom and financial flexibility? In this podcast, you will hear how Bill & Pete get sellers to call them, then picking and choosing who gets their time and focus to do deals with. Also, how they make their business fit their life-style, so they can do what they want to do, and when. This candid talk will probably NOT be what others are telling you, or … NOT sharing with you. This quite frankly be the most amazing thing you will hear in real estate …

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