Episode #261 Things You Can Do Today To Start An Extraordinary Creative Real Estate Career!

By | July 12, 2021

Turning ideas into action! Napoleon Hill in Think And Grow Rich said: “Thoughts are things.” The human mind is an amazing tool. Not a day goes by that our minds aren’t filled with thoughts and ideas. But (and it’s a BIG but), how many of these ideas & thoughts get dismissed daily? So, I beg you to ask yourself … how creative are you at applying an idea to life? Will this idea stay long enough with you, and clear enough, for you to take action? In this podcast, we will be talking about focused actions you can take today, so you can become more useful and powerful as a Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur. Truth is, a BIG idea can command attention, but it takes a big promise to fuel a movement or fortune from creative real estate activity. The source of power is in proportion to the greatest number of good, to the greatest number involved. In short, what can you do today to take this idea of steady real estate income from an idea, to having result from clear and defined action that most attempt to do. But instead make excuses and justify why they haven’t done it!

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