Episode #27 – Magic Words That Make Millions In Real Estate

By | December 12, 2016

In this episode you will get some of the most valuable part of the business. When making offers nose to nose – toe to toe you will need to build trust (fast). How do you do this. Do you let it just happen, or do you manufacture it? After doing over 3000 offers Bill has a system on how to do this. In this episode Bill reveals his little know secrets to getting sellers to trust him. Then Bill covers the exact questions he asks when someone calls him from his marketing efforts. These questions are all on one piece of paper. This way you can make smart decisions on who to go out to the house and make your presentation (or offers). Then Bill divulges some of the best sentences he has tested over and over again during his 3000 offers presented. In the example Bill & Pete use for roll playing Bill buys a $200K house for $240K and sells it for $240K and makes $84K. Listening to this show is worth just hearing this one thing. Lastly Bill covers the most important thing a seller wants from you and how you can deliver these couple of things so the seller stays stuck to you, not someone else. Doing these few things alone will increase your conversion rate from offers to buying property. Lastly, Bill covers how the seller actually makes the offer and Bill just decides whether or not to take the deal. All together backwards then the way most do it. In fact, it is so different that sellers LOVE it. It is the most comfortable way to buy houses from the seller. You must listen to this episode if you plan to make offers!

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