Episode 28 Avoid Fizzing Out . . . Deciding VS Wanting

By | December 19, 2016

On this episode we have guest speaker Michael Clallanan (former contractor turned flipper). First thing that gets covered is how to make good decisions and why this works so well. Then Bill does LIVE coaching with Michael on how to decide VS wanting. Here Bill goes over CTN (Criteria, Terms, Network) and how important this is for any successful professional real estate investor. Then Bill goes into “Be” “Do” “Have” and how it ties into your CTN. These two put together are AMAZING tools for your success. In fact, if not done your chances get drastically reduced! And why take this chance? We move on to cover how you can be certain you are a professional in the real estate profession whether you have done over 100 deals – or none. This all ties into how well you are able to present yourself when making offers nose to nose – toe to toe. And if this is your first offer you need to know how to handle yourself so it doesn’t show as your first offer. And this episode you will know how to overcome this phenomena. At the end of the day (when done correctly) doing the things Bill talks about, you will be happy. Every time! This momentum is something that will build your passion and energy – every time! Remember, we are real estate guys, not professional sound guys. So please excuse the static.

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