Episode #270 How This Guest Student Buys Houses In America From Another Country (virtually)!

By | September 27, 2021

To most, it sounds almost too good to be true: investing in real estate remotely, or virtually, making thousands or having money now, money monthly, money later. And all from the comfort of your own home. How, or, is this possible? Pre-COVID, the United States saw about 4.7 million Americans working remotely. After COVID, experts are saying this has increased by 40%. More important to you and I as real estate investors, our Sellers were lunged 5-years in advance with using technology during the 2020 national lock-down. This means most are now willing to do Zoom type calls. Show houses on FaceTime, and do closings using the web with notaries and virtual legal beagles. We have even figured out how to get boots on the ground to do some of those humanoid tasks that need a live person. Listen closely to my guest speaker’s experience today to hear how she lives in another country, and buying houses in America – virtually! Which opens the door for you on always doing bidness in America in an emerging market. Let’s get into is now …

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