Episode #271 How To Buy A House Virtually Without Physically Seeing It!

By | October 4, 2021

If you are having trouble as an investor finding deals in your backyard, then it’s time to expand your farm market. In this unique podcast, we are going to speak to another student of mine who is out of the country and buys property in the good ole US of A, without physically seeing the properties. When it comes to real estate deal hunting, time and money counts a lot. The faster you can find motivated Sellers and get on the phones with them, the faster you can CASH those profit checks! If you are asking, how? Then you are in the right spot at the correct time. It will seem a LOT simpler once you hear some of the experience of my guest speaker today. And this will make it much easier than you think. Actually, you will soon see the process is not much different than doing deals in your backyard. And by listening today, you will see exactly where it is different, and how to teak that part of the deal, so you don’t make horrifying mistakes that cost you everything. More important, unless you tell your Sellers, done this way, they will never know you don’t live there!

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