Episode #272 Six-Core Achievements & Influential Roles In Creative Real Estate To Be!

By | October 11, 2021

Believe it or not … every creative real estate entrepreneur goes through status roles, or class roles, and positions that are created by a mixture of your inner thoughts plus the environment you are in. And until now have not been identified, or classified for clarity. Which has made this ladder of success difficult for most. Only because so many enter into real estate entrepreneurship without a map for their desires, needs, and cravings. Therefore, the recognition of the order of magnitude, or work that has to be done, is often miscalculated. And failure runs ramped. After today’s podcast … you will be able to spot the “role” you want to be; and have others see you as being! And once in the desired role, the fulfillment and satisfaction supersedes all the money and material possessions. So get ready for the performance accomplishment categories, so you can find where you are now, and where you can go in the future. With a journey to fulfillment.

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