Episode #274 7-Key Ingredients To Keep You From Losing Money In A Down Economy!

By | October 25, 2021

So many talk about how easy it is to buy houses without capital, or risk. But few talk about what you should do if the economy takes a turn for the worse! Especially when it threatens not only the money, but your freedom too. I know I have spouted in the past … fortunes are created from chaos, and I still subscribe to that. When everyone is running and hiding, I tend to do more business. Why? And how? … Is what this isolated podcast is all about. And, if I can do it – SO CAN YOU! One of the take-aways you should get by listening today is: There is NO bad time to get into real estate. You just need to know your market, and the current strategies to apply in that environment, so you are protected and winning! Once you have this clear picture … the threat comfortably turns to joy and excitement. Then into a fortune. But the correct mindset is key to these rough times. So let’s go to work on this today …

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