Episode #275 Zero Down Rookie Creative Real Estate Deals To Study!

By | November 1, 2021

What if I told you today you can make quantum leaps, or minimally giant steps with real estate investing, by listening to this one podcast? You would probably think I am like all the rest … hyping you, maybe exaggerating, and not telling you the whole truth, right? This is one of my biggest barriers in my life. Getting others to understand the mind-set that assumes success comes one small step at a time is wrong and unfortunately a huge misconception, especially in real estate investing. And is clearly reflected in the way most people function and got through finding sellers to close creative real estate deals. More important … if you don’t do what we talk about in this one and only novel podcast, quite frankly … you will work harder and harder, and hold yourself against the success you so desire. This is what I call “success-erosion.” Which is really you working against your own beliefs and opinions, instead of just “DOING” what other accomplished folks have done to get to the top. Let’s get into this, so you can move rapidly on getting your check and freedom too …

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