Episode #277 Legal Creative Real Estate Escape Clauses To Use On Deals!

By | November 15, 2021

“Weasel Clauses” or “Contingency Clauses” in real estate have had entire mounds of books written about how to escape a transaction as soon as you feel it is uncomfortable. Which means these carefully worded paragraphs allow you to void contracts at the drop of a hat. While all of this is really clever, and considered customary. Here’s what I do … NOTHING!!! That’s right, I use none of it. Only because I have found this type of language just KILLS deals! While other buyers are using their “weasel clauses” I have my own special ways of protecting myself so if I don’t want a deal, I can get out of it. But I do it without the Seller ever getting spooked. In fact, once they see what I have done, they very often are glad and relived all at the same time! I know this sounds dangerous, but once you listen to this single podcast … your chest will puff up. And you will start making offers like you are a super-hero. Without fear, anxiety, and even sleepless night’s.

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