Episode #276 Extraordinary Development To Unlock Creative Real Estate Deals!

By | November 8, 2021

During every negotiation with real estate Seller’s, you always have this gnawing question of: “Is the seller going to sell to me?” Or, and this is incorrect, you think: “What can I do to convince this Seller to do this deal?” Maybe you are like me (Bill), and think: “Are they ready to sell to me yet?” Well, in today’s unexpected podcast, we are going to take the guessing game out of this process. This extraordinary development will soon be the creative real estate industry standard for making deals. You will be the first to hear it and use it. I totally expect this to take much of the exhausting, and stress out of finding and closing deals from now on! No matter the Seller’s situation, these four conditions exist, and once you figure them out … the deal either opens up like the flood gates, or you simply move on without wasting time and resources. In other words: It’s how you quickly get to the Seller’s distinct need & want, evaluate if you can produce what is needed & wanted, then move forward, or bail out. It truly is incredible. So take notes …

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