Episode #298 How To Increase Efficiency In Creative Real Estate, So You Do Deals Faster & Easier!

By | April 11, 2022

The art of time spent with potential real estate Sellers could be considered the highest paying skill on planet earth. More than doctors, lawyer’s, and even bankers make. Especially in economic times like now where inventory is so low, and prices sky-rocket everyday. And quite frankly, if you do not know how to release these Seller emotional pressures quickly, they will just move onto the next person in the long line of buyers waiting to buy the property. So, if you are a Rookie and need to learn, it is twice as hard for you to confront these insurmountable obstacles. Which is why today we are going to give you a massive jump start on how you can talk to a Seller, and immediately stand out from the others. Truth is, your behavior is way more important than the results with Sellers today. Which is why this podcast will turn your efficiency on its head. And you will start getting deals to work on, and bring to closing. So take the time to listen, test drive the principles, and experience it with your own eyes and ears how crucial this could mean to your over-all wealth!

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