Episode #299 Hot Real Estate Market Update Newest Secrets Revealed For Rookies!

By | April 18, 2022

Even though real estate is the #1 way to create wealth and freedom, it has one major draw-back … it is a constant “moving-target,” and seems like once you think you have your wits wrapped around what to do … the economy has a major shift, or an election changes the rules to the game midway. However irritating this may seem, if you take the correct approach you will start to notice repeated cycles, and how our business keeps getting easier and easier. In today’s podcast we are going to reveal some of the current swings in the real estate market, and how to deal with them for better success, and way less stress. After today’s “fire-side” chat you should recognize that in most changes you don’t need to learn all over again. But instead tweak your procedures, or just do them in a new order, so you can get more effective results. The real estate world is changing just like Amazon did for retail shopping, Uber did for taxis, and Air BNB did to the hotel business. So make sure you listen closely to this whole podcast, so you are in the “know” with today’s ways to find deals and do the transaction.

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