Episode #300 STOP Your Being Broke Insanity By Using These Ten Secret Rookie Rules!

By | April 25, 2022

Every successful business has certain “guideposts,” or rules to follow that gets desired results. What you are about to hear is 30+ years of trial and error to come-out with ten main activities that will land you the exact practices which will put you in the path of progress, so deals just fall in your lap. As I look back, I began to notice that these ten common factors (when followed) were actually responsible for our highest moments of success, and happiness, to a large extent. But, be careful, because you may hear them and think they are NOT vital to your transactions, or more importantly, NOT the #1 reason you are doing deals. But I promise … if you go astray from these proven & tested principles, you will start to notice things getting harder and harder, even weird. That is when you should realize the profit train is off it’s tracks, and you should put all your attention on getting these ten points back into practice on a daily basis!

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