Episode #31 How Well Do You Know The Magic Formula For Success

By | January 23, 2017

Has anyone ever told you there is a “success formula”? In this podcast you will figure out success is not very difficult – if you know the correct things to get it. Bill starts off the podcast with getting down to offer making and why it is all math. You will learn when to use the math and some good strategy on how to present the offer. Bill drops some of the questions he uses to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Any other “guru” would put this information behind a membership site and charge TONS of cash for this information. But here Bill & Pete let the fur fly and show you how you can do it. Then Bill goes over a live deal so the example is real to you. When using good tools making offers it is like clock work. Actually you can become a “Dealoligist” and walk sellers down the road to excepting an offer. Learn how to get the seller on the same page as you so when you make the offer you don’t need a travel agency to put the two of you together. It is too simple. Which is why most won’t use it. At end of the day Bill covers some of the most important things you can do in the business, and turn your business into success. Then at the very end of the show . . . Bill drops the Magic Formula for Success!

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