Episode #33 The Math To Success

By | January 16, 2017

Most folks think there is some “secret” on how to make a bundle in real estate. Actually it is not that ‘secret’ after this episode. Bill goes into great detail how he saves over 15% of his material cost on renovations. This techniques has NEVER been revealed before by anyone. It is material cover in advance coaching. But Bill’s tongue slipped and he has to tell you all right here. The best part is it was simple to do. Just being smart. And now you can do it too. Then Bill goes over how he uses math to buy his houses. It is unbelievable how this works in the presentation. Then Bill reveals the exact place how makes most of his money. These technique along is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in your pocket. Deal structuring is a major part of buying houses . . . but only after you do what Bill & Pete talk about in this episode. Math is the way through any conversation. And it is teachable. Learn how so you too can make amazing offers.

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