Episode #318 Don’t Reinvent The wheel Great Creative Real Estate Deals Leave Highly Profitable Clues!

By | August 29, 2022

Most don’t know this in real estate, but your job is not to buy houses, or even concentrate on real estate. Your job is to know your Seller so well that you understand their situation they are in right now, where they’d like to be, and exactly how your solutions can and will get them to their ideal scene. The less you are immersed in the mindset of your Seller, the less Creative Real Estate deals you will do. So, how do you become a Real Estate Profiler? Where you would use a specific kind of methodology to get inside the heads of your Seller. So you know exactly what they’re thinking, what deal they want to do, and what to say for them to move forward. Think of this like how certain law enforcement agencies “profile” and get inside the heads, and psychology of serial killers, terrorists, and other criminal master minds. And I figured if it works for getting to know bad guys, why not use this talent to quickly understand Seller’s without getting a 6-year Pysc major. After listening to this podcast today, our hopes are you will quickly be able to evaluate and profile your Seller’s needs & wants!

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