Episode #317 Three Word Formulas Every Creative Real Estate Investor Needs Today.

By | August 22, 2022

In today’s dog-eat-dog Creative Real Estate game, it is critical to know every problem, question, roadblock, and result your seller is encountering during the process. Because if you don’t understand them, you won’t be able to use these formulas that could make you a millionaire, possibly in the next twelve months. Which, by the way, could be one of the most historical times to do Creative real estate. The word formulas we are about to divulge in today’s podcast will be the best and simplest strategy you will ever encounter in real estate. Here is why … if you have not listened to this podcast, you will not know them. Which means if you do listen you will know them, and be the only one you know with these secret weapons, and closing way more deals! In other words: they work. And I only know this because I have personally seen them put sellers through the mental process that sets them up to do business with you, and only you. If you are looking to ignite a fire with sellers to use your Creative Real Estate methods, this episode is absolutely perfect for you!

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