Episode #32 Questions Most Realtors Dont Want You to Ask When Hiring Them

By | January 9, 2017

We are always talking about building a team. This would be folks you want around when doing business. Professionals who understand and know your business. Well in this episode we cover in great detail how to hire a Realtor so they work with you and not against you. You would think Realtors would be on your side so they would get their check. Unfortunately there are different “grades” of training. We kick things off with why someone would want to sell a house and how you can help. Once you know these simple “issues” or reasons it is a LOT easier to buy the property. After we get through the ‘reasons’ Bill then has a list of questions you should ask a Realtor before you hire him. And if you are not asking these questions it is guaranteed you are NOT hiring the right Realtor. Most Realtors don’t want you to ask them. Only because most Realtor’s will be embarrassed and know you are a professional when you spout these off. This is a MUST episode to listen to if you are just starting off.

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