Episode #321: Creative Real Estate Meets Probate Deals!

By | September 19, 2022

Until today, you might have considered probate a very lucrative business. But a strategy that needs capital, or available cash only because probate courts most often just want money now so they can actually close the estate. Maybe you have some misconceptions, or confusions about how probate works, and just don’t pursue it because of that. Realize, most people often have an opinion about something they don’t know anything about. Which is why you should listen today, and perhaps clear-up the basics on how to find these deals (the way no one else does). Plus, how to finance them, then how to sell them often without rehabbing them, so you can make Money Now, Money Monthly, and Money Later, while not being a landlord, or anything like it. By listening to this 60-minute podcast … you will soon see probate properties are usually discounted type sales, but when probate meets creative you will soon see buying at these discounts, and selling over market value is a millionaire secret most won’t put over airwaves like this one …

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