Episode #322: How Do Creative Real Estate Rookies Easily Find Motivated Sellers!

By | September 26, 2022

How does a rookie get a grip, or traction, with creative real estate? Most folks like myself chant: “Talk to motivated sellers, and you will find the low-hanging fruit!” But, how do you do this? Where do you find these “motivated sellers?” I can assume, because you are here, you’re interested in real estate profits, and if you can get one or two deals, then possibly scale it, you can gain a desired lifestyle you can’t seem reach any other way. And this desire is what led you to this podcast today. But it seems this desire keeps taking you down unlikely paths that end with a failed purpose, or some loss. So at this point, any execution is fraught with risk, losing money, the threat of emotional loss, unwanted stress, even fear. In this podcast, we are going to give you simple, and easy things to do, and a checklist, so you can boost your morale, get confidence, and maybe a big phat check, so you can leap into your future where you dream to be with simple tools that keep reproducing like the rabbits that live in my backyard!

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