Episode #327 Rookie Deal Structuring Ideas …

By | October 31, 2022

Are you worried about how to determine the value of an investment property? Or, what is the best real estate investment strategy is for you? Maybe it’s how do you find a profitable investment property? Perhaps you think you can’t begin investing in real estate without money? Or, you might think you need a Realtor license, which cost thousands? Are you worried how you can learn about creative real estate? Or, worse, have been studying it for weeks, months, tears, maybe decades and have not done a deal yet? Or, got lucky and did one or two deals, but the economy changed, and now you can’t master the consistency of regular monthly income, so you can fire your boss, or stop making your money with something you don’t like to do? In the next 60-minutes we plan to “dumb down” how you can get going, or be constant, so you can start to get those real estate goals you urine for all the time. Plus, by the sheer simplicity you will accidentally get highly motivated and possibly do a deal within the next 30-days just to prove it to yourself, this whole creative real estate thing is a perfect way to FREE your up your LIFE!

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