Episode #328 Three Great Rookie Conflicts In Creative Real Estate Today!

By | November 7, 2022

In a perfect world, Creative Real Estate would be a dream. You would have deals, Sellers would be nice, and life would be fair. But in today’s turbulent world on the heals of a two year highest ever real estate price hike, to now 10% inflation and 4% mortgage rate hike in the past 4-months, things can seem like a nightmare. With government officials fighting each other, country wide disasters, makes it feel like one big bag of bad luck for you and I. Truth is … fortunes like Walt Disney, Costco, Standard Oil, Linkedin, and Microsoft all developed out of depressing times. So telling yourself “the conditions aren’t right” could cripple you. In this 60-minute podcast, we will be covering the three great conflicts every Rookie deals with when trying to get started. And where you should focus, so you can resolve these three major conflicts, so your value is hunted by many, and make you wealthy, retire early, and get your life back!

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