Episode #329 Genius And Simple Creative Real Estate Offer Theory Exclusively Revealed!

By | November 14, 2022

Why is it that when learning Creative Real Estate, it is so hard to wrap your mind around what offer to make to what seller, with what situation? And, it seems like everyone has their own way of doing it. Which ones are tight, and which ones are wrong? And, why do you have to do deals to find out who is correct, and who is not? What if you don’t want to take the risk to figure it out? How the heck do you get out of learning mode, and into doing a deal mode safely, so you can make some money, and start building freedom, so you have more time to do deals. What if you were not taught the entire offer formula, and how to use it like the big players. In this single podcast, you are going to finally see what the Creative Real Estate “Players” are not telling you unless you go behind the curtain of $20K to $30K coaching. I promise you will be surprised how simple, but fundamentally important when making Creative real Estate offers that get accepted by sellers. I promise, you have never heard this before. So make sure to listen all the way to the end.

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