Episode #336 What Exactly Do You Need To Know From A Seller To Make Profitable, Legal, Creative Deals?

By | January 2, 2023

So you have figured out how to find leads. Even overcome your fear of talking to sellers on the phone. You have tried scripts, and even your own ideas of what to say, but aren’t really getting deals, or spending too long on the calls. Maybe think you have a deal, then the seller ghosts you. Or, you feel you don’t get the right information while on the first contact call, and have to call back. You might even sense you are talking too much, or past the point of where the seller is already to say “YES.” Point is: if you are not rich (or where you want to be with real estate) it has to be what you are doing on these call of gathering information, and solving problems that sellers will pay you handsomely with their equity and cashflow. So we need to know how to quickly get our information, yet leave the seller with the warm and fuzzy’s. In this one podcast episode, we are going to give you 30-years of practice in one 60-minute span, so you can completely shortcut your success in getting deals.

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