Episode #335 Why We Always Make Huge Profits On Our Creative Real Estate Deals!

By | December 26, 2022

Ever wonder how you can get behind the scene with us to see how we do things, so you can do it too? More to the point … how do we actually do the deals we talk about, and make huge profits – on every deal, so we don’t need to do a quantity of deals to make a lot of money. Maybe you wonder how do all these deals without making mistakes, or perhaps you believe it is our experience that you don’t have that keeps us safe? What if I told you you could listen to this single 60-minute podcast, and know everything we do, so you can do it too. In fact, once we take you behind the scene, you are going to be disappointed, mostly because it is too simple, without all the levers and buttons you think we have. See, the biggest obstacle most have is the main rule about creative real estate: “It is not something you learn, it’s something you do!” But because it has money involved, most get cold feet on the “DO!” But today we are going to show you a guaranteed way to stay safe, and make TON’s of dough!

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