Episode 337 NEW: Rookie System To Negotiate Gargantuan Creative Deals Easily!

By | January 16, 2023

Talking to sellers, you are told, is the only way to make Creative Real Estate Deals, so you try, you practice your scripts. Even record your conversations to make adjustments, so you can do better on the next call. But you are still struggling with what to do when, and feel you are still messing things up, and not making deals. Fret no longer … in this single podcast we are going to reveal a new little system that is super easy to learn, with gargantuan results for Rookies or Pros looking to do Creative real Estate deals that produce Money Now, Money Monthly, and Money Later, so you can retire early, or fire your boss! And, if you have not done your first $5K, this is going to be your quantum leap into Creative Real Estate! Why am I so bold and confident about this … because it is a simple step-by-step negotiating tool for anyone to use that sellers love, and say yes to. So make sure you listen a few times, and take notes. This information is only here, nowhere else to date … until someone copies us. Let’s go …

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