Episode #338 Creative Real Estate Audit – Why Aren’t You Doing Deals?

By | January 23, 2023

The plague of all Creative Real Estate Entrepreneur’s is – why am I not doing deals, or enough deals to sustain my desired lifestyle! To the point that this question is actually mentally harassing you day in and day out. Some have even accepted this existing condition as “inevitable” and toss off the belief they can’t do it, or settle with “that’s life!” Which, of course, is just an overwhelming attitude for most. With feelings of the reality about possibly charting out their own ideal life and achieving it. What if I told you today we are going to show you how to turn this around very easily. Only because the root cause is always a couple of reasons. And once you know them, you can revert to doing amazing deals, often. What if there was a way to audit, inspect, or look over very simple reasons why you are not making deals. Then quickly remedy them. Imagine what that would do for your financial future, and freedom to live your life the way you choose to! We do it all in the next 60-minutes, so tune in now for the full disclosure …

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