Episode #339 What Actually Is Creative Real Estate?

By | January 30, 2023

You think you want to do Creative Real Estate. You search it out. Go to REI meetings, watch YouTube videos, follow podcasts like this one (and others). You may even have bought some books, or courses. Been coached. What ever the level you are in the process, you may never have asked yourself … “what actually is Creative Real Estate?” If you are like me (recently) and have Googled it; only to find no good definition. Just a bunch of ads and articles that seem confusing when trying to figure things out, never mind getting results! So, we thought we could help today by going basic basic and make Creative Real Estate crystal clear in your mind, which should help you come out of the fog and see your path to success with a Creative Real Estate understanding and become simple and easy. Especially when it comes to finding deals, then structuring them on your own. You are going to be amazed how much of this one 60-minute podcast is going to assist you and your real estate journey, so you get what you want out of life the way you intended to do!

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