Episode #352 Bad Deals vs Gargantuan Deals In Creator Real Estate!

By | April 30, 2023

Bad deals vs gargantuan deals in Creative Real Estate can make the entire difference in your hard-earned time results. In this single episode we are going to explore what makes a bad deal, and the warning signs to watch out for. You don’t want these costly mistakes that can set you back years in your career. So it is essential to understand how to identify and avoid them. These common pitfalls will only distract you from seeking and finding the gargantuan deals that  will make you rich & free! We will discuss what makes a gargantuan deal and how to spot them in any market going up or down.  Throughout this episode you will hear real live examples of both bad deals and gargantuan deals so you can easily understand the difference between the two. Plus, expect to hear some actionable advice on how to find or avoid these deals so you don’t get sucked into too many suspects that will eat your dreams of Creative Real Estate, eating you free for lunch. All right, let’s get started with sharpening your skills … 

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