Episode #353 ROI: How To Evaluate And Execute Creative Real Estate Deals For Gargantuan Profits!

By | May 8, 2023

ROI, or rate of return, is too often lost in the formulas, and negotiating with sellers. Mostly because our entrepreneurs are too worried about just getting the deal instead of making a good deal! And in this single episode, we will deep-dive into how you can use simple head-math formulas to make sure you end up on the side of gargantuan deals while the seller gets everything they want when selling. Plus, throughout this episode we will show you exact spots in every deal that are easy to implement (without anyone noticing), but give you extraordinary profits. And, can do, whether a season investor, or just starting out. You just need to know what we are about to reveal in this one podcast. All we planned to do with you today is help you explore (in your own mind) the potential way you can make way more money, doing less deals because of how these, until now, strategies that have not been revealed. And how it impacts your profitability, which will always govern how you live in the future. Don’t miss out on how to transform your profits today …

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