Episode #363 How Subject To Creative Real Estate Deals Actually Work!

By | July 17, 2023

Today’s Big Adventure is unraveling the most magical and Powerful creative real estate transaction known to mankind … the subject to deal. In this treasure hunt, you will start noticing light bulbs going off in your mind as you put the pieces of the puzzle together in your own head. We will start this journey with breaking down what the strategy really is, then move into the unique characteristics, and land on the legal and financial aspects of the transaction. Once we walk through the steps of this endeavor, it will be super easy to understand. And even more interesting, how you can do this deal tomorrow, if you just tried. Plus, you will notice how much myth busting we will need to do because of all the false data floating around out there today. Let this episode be your new guide for subject to deals from now on. Join us now and travel a journey that will stretch your mind in ways you have never felt before. This is a perfect chance to satisfy your curiosity and questions about a Millionaire Maker strategy; in short order, too. Get ready to ignite your true “horse – power” for gargantuan real estate profits.

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