Episode #364 How seller financed creative real estate deals actually work!

By | July 24, 2023

Seller financing! Powerful words, but I find often most don’t understand the details of this very old concept with regard to creative financing at its core. This captivating and riveting episode will soon reveal how you can effortlessly navigate incredible deals that almost seem too good to be true. And, the secret might be simpler than you think. In this electrifying episode, we are not only going to lift the veil of seller finance deals, but we are going to tear it apart and allow us to dissect and show you under the hood how all the intricate gears that power this genius strategy work. The plan is to provoke you, push you to your thinking limits, and compel you to actually look at answers that may be hidden in plain sight, nestled within your own mind already. In other words: This is not going to be a laid-back experience. It is more of a challenge to your current conventional thinking. So prepare yourself now for this intimate, one-on-one exploration and deep dive into the world of “How Seller Financed Creative Real Estate Deals Actually Work!”

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