Episode #372 How To Meet Creative Real Estate Sellers Properly!

By | September 18, 2023

In today’s bustling world of real estate where there is so much to learn, and money to make, we tend to forget the basics. In today’s episode we will enter a secret world of how to talk to sellers properly that very few have mastered so you can learn this special art of engaging with Creative Real Estate sellers, and almost become friends with them instantly. Do you ever wonder why some do so many deals, and others struggle with deals? What if you could unlock a treasure Trove of properties just because of some basic skills? Today’s thrilling expedition can almost seem too simple, which is why most forget it, plus don’t do it, and struggle to make more deals. Are you prepared to challenge what you think you know? And today’s status quo? To venture into a world where rules are rewritten? Then brace yourself … this episode is your golden ticket, your secret map, an invitation into a world most don’t get to see. Do you dare to enter? This world is just a play button away for you. Tune in now. And let’s cover the art of talking to sellers properly!

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