Episode #4: Questions To Ask Sellers So You Know They Are Motivated!

By | July 3, 2016

Now that the advertising and marketing starts to work you will have sellers calling you trying to sell you their house. This is a VITAL process most don’t understand. Here is why . . . my marketing brings in about 30% to 40% rate of return. Simply put – mail 100 letters and get between 30 to 40 phone calls. Mail 10 letters and get 3 to 4 phone calls. It’s magical. However, not every caller is MOTIVATED (A Prospect)! So how do you figure this out before the NON-MOTIVATED (Suspects)? Well, on this podcast Pete (The Rookie) and I go over how we do it in detail. In fact, we have one form that we use to show us if it is a good deal or not. And, how you can get a copy of it. Hint: http://flippinghouses.club. So this episode is a must listen to for any investor, whether new or experienced!

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