Episode #5: How To Get Started With Real Estate Investing Quick!

By | July 11, 2016

Best Thing I Can Do To Make You Believe This Really Works – Is To Get You A BIG Check Quickly,
Then You Will Believe Me!

After helping many new investor’s to get going, the one thing that glues most to the industry is getting profit checks, right? Even though I have everything you need at http://flippinghouses.club this podcast will guide you onto the right path for success.

Only because I will assist you in how to find and get motivated sellers to start calling you so you can make offers. One thing I learned a long time ago is:

Have the sellers chase you – you don’t chase them!

Once you get this simple concept, then learn how to set it up that way, your investing career will take off like a rocket going into outer space – I promise!

See, my career busted at the seems once I made this decision. No more chasing MLS listings, or hunting down ugly houses that one million (exaggerating of course) are putting bids on. I mean how much over what you want to pay can you go to ‘win’ the bid?

It is actually frustrating to spend so much time chasing these ‘SUSPECTS’ that are actually called TIME VAMPIRES! Here these dream stealers are just looking to stomp all over your future. I mean, just because these losers couldn’t make it in the industry, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to take away your passion!

So just figure out how to have prospects calling you instead of chasing these ‘SUSPECTS’ all the time. In this podcast we go over where you can find motivated ‘PROSPECTS’ to make offers to. This way I know you will find a few of those deals that will bring the BIG CHUNKS of cash so you could pay down debt, add to retirement, pay off student loans, give to charity, or heck, just go on vacation or buy a car!

Then once I get you to see the ‘light’ of having prospects chasing you, we can move onto the next step. So make sure you listen to this episode and take as many notes as possible. The the next episodes I have in store for you will take you along the sequence for success!

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