Episode #41 Deal Hunting

By | April 3, 2017

In this episode Bill & Pete cover how to hunt out deals. If you don’t have people calling you to sell houses, you just have a hobby. The show starts off by talking about money and how cash flow rules, and how to get it. And it starts with getting deals come to you. In this episode Bill covers lots of theory and how you can get incoming calls and how to turn these into profit. This leads into some basic marketing laws you have to understand before real success can happen. Good news . . . once you understand this, you will have success. The market you promote to is vital to your success. So Bill goes over who these people are, and where to find them so you too can market to them and start getting calls in your area. Once you master this part of the industry you will never worry about income again. So make sure you listen to this episode a few times.

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