Episode #42 Path To A Purchase

By | April 10, 2017

So what steps do you take when you first start out flipping houses. In this episode you will get a clear view of how to purchase a house (whether you have done it before or not). Once you know the sequence you can rinse and repeat it as much as desired. Knowing these steps helps clear up a lot of confusions. In the middle of this podcast Bill slips and tells Pete his amazing steps to a sales cycle. And how he uses it to make deals. It sounds like pure theory but if you follow these steps you will buy houses. This leads to who you want on your success team and who you don’t want on the team. This include how to deal with contractor’s and why this is so important. In the middle of this podcast Bill explains why most investors lose deals before he even gets started (hint: it’s what you call yourself on introduction). This is HUGE once you hear it. Then Bill covers why you never take a person off your list, and why it is so vital. Bill then covers why it is so important to be focused. Which starts from the first step and how you look for houses. The biggest success is the crowd you are speaking to on how well your results are. In the end Bill shows you how to follow his 4-step formula to get deals and how to deal with them one-by-one. Great episode to help getting the steps to success under control.

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