Episode #43 Prescreening Seller Lessons

By | April 24, 2017

In this episode you will learn how to get time back in this business. If you don’t want to wast a LOT of time talking to people who are not selling houses, this podcast is for you. Bill reveals his not told before formula on what to do. And when you do this magic formula – you get good leads to work with. But of course not every person responding to your marketing will be ready for your help. Plus this formula is a BIG reason why Bill’s closing percentage on his offers are so high. So then you will need to start “weeding out” the suspects who steal your time. Well how do you do this? A lot of folks don’t have a good closing ratio when making offers. So Bill goes over the 5-steps to a sale, and why you need to do them to buy houses. If you understand this you will actually need LESS leads because you will have more deals. It is truly amazing how this works. Then you will need to know what a GREAT deal looks like. And, how you will know what it looks like so you can move quickly and get that deal. Lastly, Bill talks about the words MOST of use to kill deals even before they start talking to the seller (or soon after you start talking). You will be amazed at how much this works against you when you use these words. Amazing podcast with TONS of great jewels to learn from.

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