Episode #6: Five Steps Of Real Estate Success

By | July 18, 2016

Did you know there is an actual formula on how to talk to sellers so they will say yes to your offers?

Any successful real estate investor knows the ONLY way to make BIG CHUNKS of cash to pay down debt, add to retirement, pay off student loans, give to charity, or just simply buy a car or go on vacation is to MAKE OFFERS!

Quite simply put, if you are not making offers – you are NOT in the real estate business. Point blank! You have to make offers as the first step to any deal. If you follow my system on http://flippinghouses.club you will know exactly how to get motivated sellers calling you, and which one of the main 7 offers you should give.

But here is the thing: I teach folks how to do the mathematical process so the offers are fair and logical. Except there is one huge problem. Human beings don’t always use logic. In fact when it come to making decisions most use their ‘feelings’ or their gut to make the decision.

So if you are out of the arena of logic when making the deals, what is the formula to follow so you can stay in tune with the sellers ‘feelings’? Tough question for most, until you learn these five steps to success on getting sellers to say yes to the offer(s) you are presenting!

This podcast is dedicated to finding the magic of the deal so you can actually be on the same page as the seller and add a dynamic offer that motivates the prospect into a client. It truly is something everyone should learn and know how to do.

After all, some of the highest paid people on planet earth are actors or actresses, right? Why, because they practice what to say and how to say it. Imagine if Tom Cruise or John Wayne could not present his lines when it was most needed and wanted?

Well, quite frankly, not many of us would buy the tickets to watch, right? Do you think this is any different than your prospect staying interested in you and what you can do for them? Take a second and let that digest!

Listen to this podcast to get on the road to successful offers being excepted!

I am here to help, and good luck!

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