Episode #8 – Getting Sellers To Say Yes To Your Offers

By | August 1, 2016

How do you get offers accepted? After making hundreds (maybe thousands) of offers, Bill goes over some of his best tactics on getting deals. After buying and selling over 100 houses in Connecticut, Bill has a few tips & tricks up his sleeve, and you are going to want to write these down.

Think about it, what is the main difference between Bill and you. It is just the words you speak. See if you chose “rich” words, you to will become real estate “rich.” Know what questions to ask when is a huge portion of the process in acquiring property.

Some think the best way yo find houses is on the MLS. Well there it doesn’t matter how you talk to the sellers. They are banks, or institutions. These are the worst deals on the market. And the hardest to do, believe me.

But, if you start dealing with the owner’s directly you will get slamming deals you thought were impossible. However, you need to know how to delicately make these offers so you do not piss off the seller. This podcast will help you with this.

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