Episode #9 Thinking VS Doing

By | August 8, 2016

In this episode Bill & Pete go over in detail the exact thing you need to cover when talking to a seller so they say “yes” when you are done. This is the core part of the business that many do not share. Only because it could get very complex. In this podcast Bill breaks it down so things become very simple to understand so you too can start making presentations (offers) that will be excepted.

You must know this stuff to do any kind of house flipping at all. Having these basics are at the foundation of any successful investor’s career. But like I said, no body teaches it. Go through these simple procedures and you too will start learning how to get your BIG chunks of income.

Brush the data off in this podcast and you will notice your investing career will rolly coaster. You know what I am talking about “up” one month, “down” the next. Or maybe you never get it off the ground and receive the very first check. Then start to feel like all of those naysayers are correct and this business doesn’t work. That is the worse thing that can happen to anyone. Only because many that get through these basic barriers end up making TONS in money.

So take the time to go though this podcast and get on the road to success very easily!

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