Flipping Houses Podcast #195 Since We Can’t All Win The Lottery … Use Our Marketing Strategies To Find Hot + Creative Deals!

By | April 6, 2020

the secret that doubled, almost tripled, me real estate career in about 4-months was figuring out how to find hot, hot sellers that would be willing to accept creative offers that had hardly about money from me involved in the deal. These crackerjack strategies soon exploded the amount of deals I was seeing, and offers I was making. I soon realized the most important tool in my toolbox was nt my education on real estate deal structuring, but instead who I was talking to when I made offers. As an example, it was the difference between trying to continue someone safely standing on the ground he needs my parachute. Where the guy 4000 feet up in the air falling toward the earth without a parachute would be a lot easier to convince he needed help. In this podcast, I am going to cover my 18 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars experience in finding hot, hot deals for a creative real estate investor. And if you really want to change your life with real estate profits, this episode could become your new essential checklist for success!

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