Podcast#215: 8-Major Compartments Every Creative Real Estate Investor Needs For Gargantuan Profits!

By | August 24, 2020

Wrapping your wits around creative real estate investing could be challenging, not to mention extremely exhausting. So many moving pieces and parts twisting around it is hard to hit the target that will strike you gold! Ever stop and think why one of the biggest businesses in the USA is not taught in universities, or all in one spot. And why the free market doesn’t ever produce one place to absorb it all so much like a trade school, once you get a degree you can enter that field and work your way up the income ladder? Well, I will make a BOLD promise, after this podcast … you will not struggle with wrapping your arms around the creative real estate business and making high-end checks. What you are about to hear will stick with you just like the memory of riding your first bike. We are about to change the industry forever. Everyone, once they get what’s in this episode, will soon be able to reach a PHD status in real estate because of what we have done. PHD, BTW, could easily mean Pay Checks Daily. Ok, let me put my money where my mouth is. Let’s get started …

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